Overall aim
The overall aim of the NEFOM network is to link and strengthen the collaboration between Nordic research groups working with the ecology of fungi - particularly in forests. Based on our joint in-depth experience of fungal ecology - including molecular ecology - we seek to build a communal knowledge base targeting the diversity, functional roles, and ecological niches of forest fungi in North European Forests.

We emphasize stimulation of cross-talk between the younger participants (PhD students and post docs); plan future cutting-edge PhD courses and exchange students between labs to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Focus areas
The NEFOM network builds on expertise build up within the different research groups represented in the network. Our annual conferences focus on timely themes and attempt discussing these with invited guests representing eg the forestry sector and related scientific fields.

Methodologically, NEFOM currently focus on introducing functional (mRNA-based) metagenomics into fungal ecology, on increasing our knowledge on insufficiently studied fungi in forest ecosystems, notably root endophytes, wood-inhabiting fungi, and newly discovered fungal phylogenetic clades and mapping of fungal traits in the fungal tree of life.