22-26 September 2018: NEFOM network meeting with the themes "Fungal ecology in a changing climate" at Oulanka research station, NE Finland, 21 participants. Download program, abstracts and discussion summaries and participant list

8-10 February 2018: NEFOM annual network meeting with the themes "Roles of fungi in sustainable forestry" and "Implementing fungal traits to link fungal diversity with ecosystem properties" in Uppsala, Sweden, 55 participants. Download program+participants list.

1-2 June 2017: NEFOM Fungal Trait Jamboree, Tartu, Estonia. A workshop dedicated to mapping of traits on the fungal tree of life.

18-21 September 2016: NEFOM annual meeting, Finse, Norway, 33 participants.

18-19 January 2016:  NEFOM annual meeting in Dragør/Copenhagen, Denmark, 22 participants. Download program.

27-28 November2014:  NEFOM annual meeting in Riga, Latvia, 40 participants. Download program and see participants and slides.

25-26 November 2013: NEFOM annual conference held in Uppsala, Sweden. Downloan program here. Participants.

January 31th 2013
Kick off steering group meeting in Tartu, Estonia. For agenda and slides see "Downloads"