PhD Courses

Below are some upcoming PhD courses within forest mycology and related subjects - please do not hesitate to contact the network coordinator if you want your course broadcastet.

The registration is now open for an intensive two days course on "Identification and publishing HTS/Sanger DNA sequence datasets" in Copenhagen, Denmark on 14-15 January 2019.
In this hands-on course, you will learn how to:

  1. Identify HTS and Sanger DNA sequence datasets of fungi using the UNITE Species Hypotheses database.
  2. Publish the identification results together with sample data as occurrence or sampling event datasets as authored, DOI-citable datasets at

The research network NEFOM, will cover travels for students/postdocs from the EFINORD region (Scandinavia, Balticum, N Europe).
For more information and link to sign-up see this page: